Sunday, May 29, 2011

Menu Breadcrumbs

After I set up the menu infrastructure that I wanted, I began to add content.  I noticed that Drupal displayed the breadcrumb trail correctly for items under the Navigation menu but not for my Primary links menus (Home, Games, etc.).

There's a module for this...the Menu Breadcrumb module.  You can download the Menu Breadcrumb module here.  After exploding the archive, log on to your Drupal site and enable the Menu Breadcrumb module here.

After installing the Menu Breadcrumb module, Drupal displayed the breadcrumb trail for my Primary links menu.  I did not have to do one more thing for this breadcrumb trail to appear. 

Menu Breadcrumb settings can be customized by navigating to Administer, Site Configuration, and then Menu breadcrumb.  These settings include:
  • Use menu the page belongs to for the breadcrumb.
  • Append page title to breadcrumb
  • Appended page title as an URL.
  • Hide the breadcrumb if the breadcrumb only contains the link to the front page.

The concept of modules has become a big selling point for me with Drupal.  I have worked with Asp.Net, but I have not tried to add a breadcrumb trail to a website.  However, I have a feeling that doing so would not be as easy as the two steps I just described.  I am looking forward to learning more about modules.

Thanks for reading.

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